Kingston labour says no to funding corporate profits

Kingston and District Labour Council (KDLC) staged a street theatre production recently to protest the Ontario government's proposed wage freeze and corporate tax cuts.

Kingston (20 Oct. 2010) - A comical corporate big-wig, a fat-cat and a larger-than-life puppet of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty brought out a large crowd to MPP John Gerretsen’s constituency office in Kingston.

The street theatre production was put on by the Kingston and District Labour Council (KDLC) to protest the McGuinty government's proposed wage freeze for public employees and tax cuts for profitable corporations. 

“These public employees defend children from abuse and neglect, put a cast on your broken leg, care for your child at daycare, comfort your mother in the nursing home and keep the justice system working,” said Lynn Orzel, an executive board member of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE). “They should not have to donate their wages to corporate profits and fat bonuses for CEOs.”

“Liberal MPP Gerretsen agreed with our KDLC delegation,” said Dave Lundy, also an OPSEU executive board member. “There should be no corporate tax cuts!”

OPSEU and NUPGE are ramping up campaigns to stop wage freezes for public employees and corporate tax cuts that provincial governments are proposing.

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