KYOTOplus Counts Down the Days to Copenhagen

To draw attention to the Bonn meetings in June, the Climate Action Network - Canada is turning up the heat on the KYOTOPlus campaign.

May 20th will mark 200 days until the landmark United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, that will decide the next international climate treaty.

The goal is to attract a very wide spectrum of organizations under the KYOTOplus banner in order to influence two key decisions facing the federal government this year.

  • First, Canada must decide if it will improve and strengthen its current approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions nationally.
  • Second, Canada must decide if will go along with other industrial countries in signing an agreement that contains greenhouse gas reduction targets to peak emissions by 2015 and then to radically reduce them by 2050.

Climate change scientists have warned that stopping emissions growth within 10 years is essential in preventing disastrous climate change down the road. 

Organizations from across Canada, including the National Union, are supporting the KYOTOplus message. Individuals are encouraged to sign on too. With each individual who signs the petition another Canadian's voice is heard by parliamentarians. The movement to generate the political will to commit, and then to act, is growing.

To date, 129 Members of Parliament have signed the KYOTOplus pledge that commits Canada to medium and long-term targets. Check to see if your MPs signed the pledge. If not you can pay them a visit and encourage them to do so.

Bill C311 - The Climate Change Accountability Act has now passed second reading. The pressure has moved onto members of the House of Commons Environment Committee. It is critical that the Bill moves into third reading before the summer break in order for it to pass before Copenhagen.

With your help, KYOTOplus will ensure Canada:

  1. Votes in favour of extending and strengthening the Kyoto Protocol this December, 2009, at a special United Nations meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark;
  2. Replaces its current inadequate policy approach with a credible, urgent plan that brings down Canada's greenhouse gas pollution fast.


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