MAHCP members at CancerCare Manitoba reject employers last offer

Three Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals Bargaining Units, at CancerCare Manitoba, have rejected the Employers last offer with respect to terms and conditions for a new collective agreement.


(6 Oct. 2011) – The three bargaining units are now in a position to take strike action to back up their demands for improvements to their terms and conditions of employment.


The previous collective agreement with CancerCare expired March 31, 2010 and the parties have been in negotiations for the past twelve months in an attempt to conclude a new agreement.


The one hundred health care professionals in the CancerCare Bargaining Units are comprised of Radiation Therapists and Nuclear Electronics Technologists in


The Manitoba Association of Health Care Professionals and the employer representatives of CancerCare
continue to explore options to resolve the issues of wages and working conditions for the affected membership at CancerCare
in the hopes that a disruption of services at CancerCare
can be averted.


For further information contact:

Wendy Despins President MAHCP

204 772-0425


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