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Maisons de la famille employees ratify agreement

Two-year settlement affects employees at several worksites across eastern Ontario.

Toronto (17 Jan. 2011) - Early childhood educators at Maisons de la famille have ratified a new collective agreement and are back at work as of Jan. 17.

The settlement affects worksites at three Maisons de la famille locations - in Hawkesbury, Embrun and Rockland. Several satellite centres are also covered by the new contract.

The two-year agreement was negotiated on behalf of the employees by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) after a strike lasting almost eight weeks.

“We have reached a respectable deal,” says representative Paul Sharkey. “These workers deserve a lot of respect for the lengths they went to for a fair deal with a very difficult employer. They are relieved to be back at work.”

Key gains include a wage increase of close to 1% in the first year and 3% in the second year. A compromise was reached allowing the union to challenge and limit the arbitrary moving of workers from one site to another.

Yves Seguin, director of Groupe Action pour l’enfant, la famille et la communauté de Prescott-Russell, repeatedly threatened to bring in scab workers during negotiations, even going so far as to place ads in a community newspaper.

Through the 'Fiers de nos enfants' programs at the Maisons de la famille, staff provide support for children up to age six and their parents.


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