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Major Alberta health report says 'Put People First'

Released after 12 months of hearings, workshops and submissions from Alberta groups and citizens.

Edmonton (17 Sept. 2010) - The Alberta government has released a major health report intended to help the province rewrite provincial health care legislation.

Entitled Putting People First, the two-volume report was released this week (in two sections totalling 70 pages) after a government advisory committee spent 12 months visiting 23 communities, holding 29 workshops (with 1,300 participants) and receiving 85 submissions.

Downlod - Putting People First - Part One Download - Putting People First - Part Two

Among the groups participating was the Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA/NUPGE) and many of its members across the province.

Edmonton MLA Fred Horne, who headed the committee, says the message that came through loud and clear was, "Albertans want a health system that puts people first."

The report also recommends making a commitment in the province's Health Charter that all Albertans have access to primary care through primary care teams. The entire report, including all submissions, can be downloaded by clicking on the images above or the links below.


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