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Manitoba introduces legislation to protect road workers

Manitoba government is bringing in new regulations to establish stronger traffic safety management in construction zones.

Winnipeg (20 Nov. 2013) - The Government of Manitoba introduced proposed amendments to the Highway Traffic Act on November 15 that would increase fines for drivers caught speeding in construction zones.

Public sector workers who work in highway maintenance take considerable risks when they go to work every day given their extraordinary workplace - roads and highways.

Government takes steps to increase workers safety

Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun introduced the legislation, which would also allow for clearer signage that would indicate when reduced limits are in effect, what they are, and when they end.

The proposed legislation would also provide for the creation of regulations that would establish strong requirements for traffic safety management in construction zones and require that specific traffic control devices (such as barriers, rumble strips and speed readers) be used in construction zones.

Construction zones are workplaces, says Minister

“When you enter a construction zone, you are entering someone’s workplace,” said Braun.  “We want to ensure the safety and protection of construction workers.”  The Minister also announced that Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health would be “stepping up” enforcement measures to ensure that worker safety standards are maintained at the highest possible levels in construction areas.

This legislation follows other recent government initiatives that have been targeted at reducing driver speed limits when passing emergency workers and granting municipalities the power to set reduced speed limits in school zones.

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