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Manitoba releases report into paramedic self-regulation

Self-regulation supported by the majority of Manitoba's paramedics.

Winnipeg (19 March 2015) — Manitoba’s Health Minister Sharon Blady has released the Health Professions Advisory Council’s report on the application made by the Paramedic Association of Manitoba for self-regulation under The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA).

Self-regulation must be in the public interest

The Minister noted the council will continue as the independent body to determine whether self-regulation is in the public interest. The report recommends that “the profession of para-medicine proceed to regulation under the RHPA by a College of Paramedics of Manitoba only after PAM provides the Minister of Health with evidence of a satisfactory level of support among Manitoba paramedics for self-regulation.”

The Minister also asked the council to recommend a framework for additional discussions with paramedics and stakeholders, and ultimately make a determination on whether the support needed to establish a regulatory college of paramedics exists.  The council will then report back to the minister with the results of the process.

Positive step forward

Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) President Michelle Gawronsky feels that self-regulation is most certainly in the public’s best interest and says today’s announcement is a positive step forward for Manitoba's paramedics.

“Make no mistake, the majority of paramedics represented by the MGEU support self-regulation. They want this to become a reality because self-regulation will ensure that when a paramedic comes to your door, they are qualified and properly trained,” said Gawronsky. “Thank you and congratulations to the Paramedic Association of Manitoba for their hard work and determination in this process and thank you to the Health Professions Advisory Council for their work on this application."


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