MGEU crisis stabilization members on strike

These professionals, who deal with Manitoba’s most vulnerable young people, are doing this with profound reluctance — MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky

Ottawa (3 August 2016) — Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU) Crisis Stabilization members for Macdonald Youth Services, Local 221 are on strike.  This is the first strike of MGEU members in almost 20 years.  Strike action began August 2, 2016 after the MGEU received no response from either the employer or the government. 

Local 221 has been without a contract for over 2 years, and the new government has failed to communicate with MGEU on this issue. Following numerous phone calls, a formal request for information through a letter to the Minister and an information picket on July 12, MGEU has heard nothing and members have been left with no other option than to strike.

Professionals dealing with Manitoba's most vulnerable young people
“These professionals, who deal with Manitoba’s most vulnerable young people, are doing this with profound reluctance,” said MGEU President Michelle Gawronsky. “Their work stoppage will impact an entire system that is already in a state of crisis.  We know emergency rooms and Child and Family Services afterhours units and shelters will see an influx of those in need, and the police will see an increase in their call volumes.”

“We are not talking about huge amounts of money, but we are talking about the safety of vulnerable children,” said Gawronsky. “I’m calling on the government to do the right thing.”

Nearly 1,500 visits to help families and young people
Last year, the Mobile Crisis Team made nearly 1,500 visits to help families deal with a young person struggling with self-harm, at-risk behaviors, mental health issues, and parent/child conflict. They also help young girls who’ve been sexually exploited get out of harm’s way and into safety. 

Send a Message to the Manitoba Government
Local 221 members and their supporters will walk the picket line at two locations, Monday to Friday at 491 Portage Ave. (the Rice Bldg) from 10 am – 2 pm and 226 St. Mary’s Rd. from 2 pm – 6pm. 

MGEU is asking for support for these members by taking a minute to send a message to governmentAsk them to do the right thing by honouring their financial commitment.


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