National Day of Action for a new Health Accord

One year after the expiry of the 2004 Health Accord, Canadians from coast to coast will be gathering to demand action from the federal government to protect and expand Medicare.

Ottawa (27 March 2015) — The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is supporting the Canadian Health Coalition (CHC) and provincial health coalitions in a March 31 National Day of Action for a new Health Accord. This national day of action takes place one year after the 2014 expiry of the Health Accord negotiated by the Paul Martin government with the provinces in 2004.

NUPGE and its Components are encouraging Canadians to attend one of the actions taking place in a community close to them. To find out what is happening in your community click here

Federal government’s policies have harmed Medicare

The goal of the national day of action is to raise the public's awareness of the current federal government’s cuts to health care funding and its refusal to negotiate a new Health Accord.

“We have a federal government that is trying to back away from ensuring that there are national health care standards across the country,” said NUPGE's National President James Clancy. “We must show them that Canadians care deeply about their health care system!

“The refusal to renegotiate the Health Accord will lead to further fragmentation of our national health care system. Canadian’s access to quality health care should not depend on where you live or your ability to pay," Clancy added.

Medicare a vital program for millions of Canadians

“Health care is Canadians’ most cherished social program,” said Clancy. “With the 2014 expiry of the Health Accord, it is estimated that the provinces and territories will lose $36 billion in federal funds for health care.  Further, they will lose as much as an additional $16.5 billion through the elimination of equalization.”

Many fear that the ongoing cuts to health care funding are creating a pretext for further privatization.

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2015 National Day of Action for a new Health Accord March 31, 2015


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