National meeting of Community Service workers convenes in Ottawa

Financial pressures, overflowing casework, increasing mental health concerns are just a few of the issues that will be addressed at the Community Service Workers conference. 

Community Service Workes NUPGE buttonOttawa (27 Oct. 2015) — Workers from across the country will be gathering for the National Union of Public and General Employees' (NUPGE) Community Service Workers conference. The meeting is being held in Ottawa from October 28 — October 30 at the Chateau Laurier. 

Community service workers are at the heart of our communities

The We're at the Heart of our Communities-themed conference will bring community service workers from a variety of sectors together to share and strategize on how to build support for increased funding for the programs and services that care for members of our communities. 

"Services in our communities are feeling the crunch more than ever," says James Clancy, NUPGE National President. "Workers are having to do more with less and struggle with systems that have not kept up with the needs of our communities."

"With a lack of government funding to cope with increased reliance on services, workers are bearing the brunt of anger and frustration from the communities they serve," Clancy continued. 

Building solidarity and strategies to best serve those who need community services

The conference will highlight many of the issues workers are facing and workers will share what is happening in their workplaces and regions. It will take a look at the increasing level of privatization in community services and ways we can keep services publicly-run. 

But it's not just about exchanging information. Participants will also discuss how to achieve our goal of raising the profile of community service workers and ensuring community services are adequately funded. 

"We may come from different sectors but our goal is to provide the best care we can for those in our communities who need it," says Clancy. "As a union, we can build solidarity and support and put forward a plan that will take care of clients and their families — and workers."


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