NBU member elected mayor of Dalhousie

Halifax (09 June 2016) — For the past 18 years, Normand Pelletier had a lingering thought on his mind.

NBU/NUPGE member returns to municipal politics and wins

After serving the town of Dalhousie as a councillor from 1995–98, he kept an eye on politics knowing one day he would throw his hat back in the ring.

In a recent municipal election, Pelletier was elected mayor of Dalhousie, defeating incumbent Clem Tremblay in a spirited race. His reason for returning to municipal politics was simple and straight forward.

"I personally think our municipality needed a new vision and leadership," said the Sherriff's deputy with the Department of Public Safety and member of the New Brunswick Union (NBU/NUPGE). 

Positive vision for Dalhousie

In an interview with the Campbellton Tribune, Pelletier said his first order of business is to review the town's financial situation with council to see what shape it's in.

As for what to expect for the next 4 years, he put forth a positive vision.

"Hopefully a positive change for the better," Pelletier said. "Prosperity for the citizens of Dalhousie and the surrounding municipalities."


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