New edition of the All Together Now! Campaigner is out

The All Together Now! campaign continues to build a movement in support of quality public services and fighting for tax fairness.

Ottawa (27 Oct. 2011) - The latest edition of the All Together Now! Campaigner is filling up mailboxes across the country. The October issue highlights the amazing efforts of Newfoundland and Labrador Champion Karen Stagg. Karen has taken ownership of the message we are delivering, to the point that any and all conversations around the economy and taxation, she is right there to set the record straight. The success of the All Together Now! campaign is due in large part to the motivated volunteers who have taken on the issues of tax fairness and quality public services as part of a daily mission.

This edition also showcases three new publications which will be available in November: What's wrong with our economy: Five simple truths, 100 things NOT to do if you hate taxes (or why saying taxes are not worth what we get for them is just plain stupid) and Life as we know it.

As the movement for tax fairness continues to grow, as we are seeing with the Occupy movement, in strength and ideas, the Campaigner profiles one idea which is catching on: the Robin Hood Tax. The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a worldwide popular effort to pressure governments to impose a tiny tax on all financial transactions. The additional revenues such a tax will bring in will provide billions of dollars to fund quality public services and to fight poverty around the world.

The campaign is active and growing from strength to strength in more than 40 countries around the world. It has won the unconditional very public support of hundreds of celebrities in England and Europe. In addition, 1,000 of the world’s most respected economists publicly endorsed the idea. The European Parliament has already endorsed the idea and is urging other leaders to do the same.

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