New grant from BC govt. helps distribute sanitary products, collects research on period poverty

“Good research leads to good public policy. We are excited about this project and the insights it will provide.” — Val Avery, HSABC President

Vancouver (25 July 2019) — On July 10, British Columbia’s NDP government announced a $95,000 grant for the United Way to research the full impact of period poverty on people and families. According to the government press release, the initial project will distribute free products through 12 community agencies around the province and collect critical information to ensure future policies are meeting the needs of people in our communities.

Multiple barriers to access menstrual products

Access to menstrual products is a challenge for those living in poverty, or for those who face other barriers to access. The persistent stigma around menstruation adds another challenge to accessing products. When people can’t afford, or can’t access, the products they need, their health and well-being are affected.

This research project we will help to outline the full extent of the barriers people and families face.

A step in the right direction

“Good research leads to good public policy,” said Val Avery, President of Health Sciences Association of B.C. (HSABC/NUPGE). “We are excited about this project and the insights it will provide. Our members have been active on the Stomp Out Period Poverty campaign, bringing this issue to our workplaces across the province. We are active partners with the United Way to keep advancing this important work.”

HSABC/NUPGE’s Stomp Out Period Poverty campaign is active at a number of chapters in British Columbia. For more information about how to bring the campaign to your chapter, email Nadia Santoro at

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