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New members at Red Cross Care join OPSEU

More workers join OPSEU/NUPGE as their union: 173 workers in Niagara and Norfolk County are latest to join the union.

Toronto (09 Sept. 2013) — Over the summer, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) welcomed two groups of employees as new members.

In June, 128 members at Red Cross Care Partners (RCCP) in Niagara became members after 15 months and three separate votes to join the union. These community care nurses, office administration workers and team assistants are finally able to call OPSEU/NUPGE their union.

Votes as a result of merger of two community health care agencies

These votes took place after the merger of Red Cross and Care Partners. These employees provide assistance to individuals in the community to maintain their independence despite illness, injury, disability or age. The members wanted a union to best assist them with their working issues, and picked OPSEU/NUPGE as the best fit.

Employeer pulled stall tactics to avoid votes

Despite months of dealing with employer tactics to either stop or delay the vote, and the employer attempting everything possible to stop employees from voting for OPSEU/NUPGE, the employees were finally successful having their wishes heard.

The union thanks these members for their determination, and is proud to have stood by them during this long process.

Workers at Red Cross Care Partners in Norfolk County joined in July

Forty-five other employees of RCCP in Norfolk County also voted to join OPSEU/NUPGE in July.

These formerly non-union visiting community nursing staff will be a welcome addition to the OPSEU Community Health Care Professionals Sector.


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