New poll shows Winnipeggers want more ambulances

New polling information from Viewpoints Research has found that 84 percent of Winnipeggers want the City of Winnipeg to invest in more ambulance resources.

Winnipeg (20 Oct. 2010) - New public opinion research conducted by Viewpoints Research has found that 84 percent of Winnipeggers want the City of Winnipeg to invest in more ambulance resources in light of the city’s ambulance shortage, and that a significant majority reject Sam Katz’s assertion that the city does not need to improve Winnipeg’s ambulance services. In fact, only three percent of respondents said they consider Katz to be a trustworthy source for information about the state of Winnipeg’s emergency medical services.

The release of the poll (which surveyed 400 Winnipeggers between September 23rd and 27th and is considered accurate to within plus/minus 4.9 percentage points) is part of the second phase of the Paramedics of Winnipeg, MGEU Local 911 public campaign. The campaign kicked off with new radio advertising and an on-line questionnaire that all candidates for municipal office have been asked to complete.

“Obviously the ambulance shortage is something that Winnipeg families care deeply about, and they’ve been very clear they recognize a problem exists with our system and know what the solution is – more resources,” said Paramedics of Winnipeg, Local 911 president Chris Broughton. “I’m confident that Winnipeggers will continue to make this an issue in the current municipal campaign because they recognize lives are at stake if government doesn’t act.”

The first phase of the Paramedics’ campaign included the launch of an interactive website. Winnipeggers were invited to share stories about their experiences with ambulance shortages, and to pose potential questions to all municipal candidates about their positions on the state of the city’s emergency medical services. The website has received over 1,500 visits and almost 100 submissions since it was launched three weeks ago.

“The site has been a source of great satisfaction but also real alarm,” Broughton said. “The satisfying part is hearing how we’ve helped people in our community during what often turns out to be their worst day. The alarming part has been hearing all the stories about people who’ve been in real danger as a result of the ambulance shortage.”

The municipal candidates’ questionnaire has been out for several days. Paramedics have been personally calling the candidates in all wards as well as all four mayoralty hopefuls with instructions on how to participate. Candidates who choose to respond have been given until October 21st to complete the questionnaire.

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