New resources for Residential Tenancy Branch a good first step: BCGEU | National Union of Public and General Employees

New resources for Residential Tenancy Branch a good first step: BCGEU

Union sees need to enhance online resources with added walk in service.

Vancouver (26 Nov. 2018) — The recent announcement by the B.C. government of improved levels of staffing and service at the Residential Tenancy Branch (RTB) is a welcome improvement and a good first step, but should not completely replace walk-in services, says the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) .

Addition of staff and online resources an improvement

The B.C. government reported that at least 25 new staff were hired and additional online resources were put in place, resulting in

  • wait times for urgent applications being processed 47 per cent faster 
  • applications requesting money were processed 44 per cent faster
  • wait times to speak to an information officer are down 84 percent since additional funding was approved in September 2017.

"We are heartened to see that wait times for service at the RTB have improved with the addition of new staff and online resources," said Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President. "The addition of a compliance and enforcement director, along with new information services and dispute resolution staff, is a welcome and needed improvement to the agency."

Elderly people and people with limited computer knowledge need more walk-in services at local branches 

"We're also happy to see that the online portal is operating more quickly and providing a streamlined process for applicants. But, we must also point out that resources need to be expanded for walk in services at local RTB branches for people with limited access and knowledge to navigate the web portal."

Currently, the Burnaby Residential Tenancy Branch location is the only office in the province where people can walk in to obtain service. Elderly residents and people with limited understanding of computer and internet services currently have few options to file applications under the Residential Tenancy Act.

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