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New video gets to the heart of income inequality

Governments are making income inequality much worse. Canadians are getting involved to make a difference.

Ottawa (26 Nov. 2013) - Why are the rich getting a free ride? is the question being asked in a new video highlighting the problem of growing income inequality in Canada. The short video asks some very important questions about why many people - even those who are making a decent wage - are still struggling to create a decent life while others are profiting like never before.

Video highlights the growing disparity between the wealthy and the middle class and working poor

Unemployment, cuts to wages and benefits, rising living costs, access to public services and attacks on workers' rights are major problems facing Canadians. All of these things create more inequality in our communities. Governments - federally or provincially - have not put forward comprehensive plans to handle any of these problems. But more so, many of their actions such as austerity measures, anti-union labour legislation, wage freezes and rollbacks make the situation far worse.

James Clancy, National President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE), who is featured in the video produced by Operation Maple, connects the dots on how tax fairness, quality public services, good jobs and labour rights bring about greater equality for all Canadians. Having a modern industrial strategy ensures that all these pieces are tied together in a way that puts people and nature at the heart of decision making for our country.

"We need to be engaged, we need to be involved, and by people taking responsibility and getting involved themselves, we can change this, "says Clancy. "It doesn't have to be this way. Generations before realized that, they set out and they changed it. We can do the same. We will do the same."

Video supports work of NUPGE's All Together Now! campaign

The National Union has been working on the issue of income inequality for over three years after determining this would be a major challenge for Canada, if not the entire world. The issue has gained traction not only with Canadians through various initiatives - member-to member-conversations, public town hall meetings, online strategies and a 6,500 km Atlantic coast bus tour, the Fairness Express - but with the mainstream media and federal and provincial politicians.

You can find out more by visiting the All Together Now! website and getting involved with our local and online actions.

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