Nova Scotia government indicates hard line during meeting with unions

Nova Scotia's Finance Minister suggested a very heavy-handed approach to negotiations during a meeting with the province's public sector unions. 

Halifax (21 Aug. 2015) — Nova Scotia’s Finance Minister, Randy Delorey, took a hard line during a September 18 meeting with the province's public sector unions. Delorey met with the union leaders to deliver the province’s demands for collective bargaining as it starts the process of negotiations with Nova Scotia’s teacher, nurse and public service unions.

Joan Jessome, President of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) spoke with the media after the meeting and her interview can be seen above.

Unfair bargaining?

The unions, representing more than 50,000 government and broader public sector employees, reported after the meeting that the province wants all future collective agreements to be at least five years in length and that there is no new money to invest in their workforce.

Delorey, the unions report, stated that any wage increases won will come out of other compensation costs set out in the collective agreement.

Threat of legislation?

There was also some indication that if an agreement wasn’t reached, legislation imposing a deal will be introduced. 

Last year the provinces health care unions were engaged in a lengthy dispute with the government over essential services legislation and an attempt to force mergers.


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