NSGEU launches province-wide television campaign

'Polling has told us the public values the public services they receive.' - Joan Jessome.

Halifax (2 Nov. 2010) - The Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) has launched a province-wide television advertising campaign to promote the value of public services.

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Your Province, Your Services, Worth Protecting is the theme of the campaign, which the union is undertaking to engage the public in a conversation about the importance of the public services provided by public employees throughout the province.

"When I am out talking to people, I'm hearing that people value the services our members provide - services like child protection, food and water inspections, occupational health and safety services and justice services,” says NSGEU president Joan Jessome.

The workers who appear in the union ad that provincial residents will see this week represent a cross section of the people who provide important services to the public in communities across the province.

"Mark is a forest firefighter working in Middle Musquodoboit, Kim is a district bridge engineer who lives and works out of Port Hawkesbury, Holly is a child protection counsellor living and working in Amherst, Susan is a customer service representative at Access Nova Scotia from Middleton, Rachel is an income assistance case worker who works and lives in Yarmouth, and Dustin is a deputy sheriff who works and lives in Truro," the union says.

The campaign reinforces the findings of a poll of over 800 Nova Scotians as well as several focus groups conducted across the province.

"Polling has told us the public values the public services they receive," says Jessome.

"They want them to be there when they need them and they know that when services are cut they are difficult to get back. We think it is important to let the public know we are on their side and that we are working to protect and deliver the quality public services they depend on."


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