NSGEU: Northwood Homecare votes to reject employer's offer by 88%

NSGEU has served 48-hour notice to strike and is readying to commence strike action on Monday, Aug. 13 at 7am should there be no progress in negotiations over the weekend. 

Halifax (10 Aug. 2012) - Workers at the Northwood Homecare, members of the Local 34 of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) have voted overwhelming to reject the employers offer.  Could be on strike as early as 7 am on Monday August 13, 2012.

Members of Local 34's Bargaining Committee including Scott Blackmore, NSGEU Chief Negotiator Robin MacLean, NSGEU President Joan Jessome, and NSGEU Organizing Officer Lori Smith, were on hand throughout the day as members dropped in to ask questions and vote on the employer's final offer. In the end, 289 members voted 88% to reject it.

NSGEU/NUPGE said that "the members have told us very clearly that the 'time is up' for the mandatory two-hour unpaid shift availability requirement and are looking for a real solution to this serious workplace issue."

The NSGEU has served its 48-hour notice to strike and is in position and readying to commence strike action on Monday, Aug. 13 at 7am should there be no further progression in negotiations over the weekend.


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