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NSGEU wins significant policy grievance for civil service members

Positive decision from arbitrator reassures NSGEU/NUPGE members as they wait for provincial government's budget. 

Halifax (16 Feb. 2016) — In 2012, civil service members of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees' Union (NSGEU/NUPGE)and the provincial government, negotiated important language surrounding job security. 

Nova Scotia government violates job security provisions

While the language had been in force for six years, in 2015, the Liberal government of Nova Scotia closed the Department of Economic and Rural Development and laid off NSGEU/NUPGE members. As it did so, the union argued that the government violated the job security terms of the agreement.

The NSGEU/NUPGE promptly filed a grievance over the provincial government's failure to apply the job security Memorandum of Agreement (MOA#2) when members were laid off. 

Arbitrator rules in union's favour, tremendous victory for civil service members

Last week, on February 11, the NSGEU/NUPGE members received a significant arbitration decision. The arbitrator, Bruce Outhouse, clearly links the MOA#2 on job security with the job security provisions in Article 37 of the contract. 

This decision reinforces the job security language and the NSGEU/NUPGE believes that an arbitrator would honor this decision in this round and in future rounds of bargaining.

According to Global News, the government says it and the NSGEU/NUPGE “had a difference in the interpretation of the procedure” for layoffs and displacements. The government is now reviewing the decision to determine its next steps.

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Arbitration ruling between the NSGEU/NUPGE and the Nova Scotia Public Service Commission


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