NUPGE issues pamphlet on ripoff cell phone costs | National Union of Public and General Employees

NUPGE issues pamphlet on ripoff cell phone costs

'Canadians are being bilked by their cellular providers while the government sits idly by and does nothing to prevent it.' - James Clancy.

Download NUPGE pamphlet on cell phone rates - The Real Cost of CommunicatingOttawa (3 June 2010) - Canadians are being charged some of the highest fees in the world for cellular phone use and the Harper government refuses to act, says the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).

The union has just issued a new publication in its series on Smart Money: Consumer Self-Defence for Times Like These.

Entitled The Real Cost of Communicating, the 12-page pamphlet details the struggles Canadian consumers are having with the telecommunications industry as well as their own government in Ottawa.

To date, the Harper government has enacted nothing more than toothless provisions that won’t save the public a dime. Despite having the ability to regulate the industry and enforce meaningful measures to protect consumers, the Conservatives have put the focus instead on allowing more companies to enter into the marketplace – accompanied only by a vague promise that rates will drop once more 'competition' exists.

“Canadians have yet to see any of Harper’s promises come to fruition,” says James Clancy, NUPGE president.

“What consumers have seen are higher and higher bills, squeezing their wallets tighter and tighter. It is unacceptable that a government which can influence the situation is unwilling to intervene,” he adds.

“Cell phones are no longer a luxury. Many people rely on cell phones as their primary communication device. We need the government to show some leadership and to stop pandering to a powerful, profitable telecom lobby. Canadians deserve better.”

NUPGE's Smart Money series is designed to highlight issues of concern to consumers and to help find solutions to individual and collective problems.


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