NUPGE supports the 'Story of Stuff'

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is pleased to support the 'Story of Stuff' project. It's message ties into NUPGE's long standing work on globalization and the environment.

Story of Stuff video environment globalizationOttawa (7 Feb. 2008) -The 'Story of Stuff' is a terrific 20 minute video. We encourage you to watch it by clicking on the link here.

It shows how the traditional materials economy is NOT the whole story. The linear system from natural resource extraction through manufacturing, onto marketing and consumer selection, right up to disposal - is a system in crisis!

People are wasted just like earth's natural resources. Forests and fisheries are lost and workers in manufacturing are exposed to more toxic chemicals than anyone else. From changing climate to declining happiness we are surrounded by reasons to change the story of stuff.

There is hope in hundreds of initiatives that are changing the materials economy into a sustainable system.

 Watch the video and get involved with your union's projects that protect workers' health, restore the environment, and defend the global public interest. NUPGE

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