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Oct. 10 'Pilgrimage to Freedom' for migrant workers

Public invited to join march from Leamington to Windsor to help 'Break the chains of indentureship' for migrant farm workers in Canada.

Toronto (23 Sept. 2010) - The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) is urging members and the general public to turn out on Thanksgiving weekend in support of migrant farm workers and allies.


The workers will be marching on Oct. 10 from Leamington to Windsor to call attention to the living and working conditions of the migrants who grow and process much of the province's food.

The purpose of the march is to 'break the chains of indentureship' by focusing public attention on the demands of migrants for status, abolition of exorbitant recruitment fees, better housing, safe working conditions and an end to racism and sexism in the workplace.

Allies will be walking alongside workers in solidarity with their call for justice.

Here are ways to help:

  • Financial and in-kind donations are needed to help make the march a success and to cover costs of transportation, food and other supplies. Please contact Justicia if you or your organization or union local can assist with in-kind or financial support.
  • March in solidarity. Allies are invited to walk alongside migrant workers for some or all of the march. Buses for rest and other support will be provided.
  • Spread the word. Help share information about the march with members of your community, organization or union local.

Posters and other outreach tools are available through the contact information listed below.


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