Only a public inquiry can reveal the full scope of money laundering in B.C.: BCGEU

Public polling has repeatedly shown that 3-in-4 British Columbians support a public inquiry into the multi-layered crisis.

Burnaby (11 April 2019) — On April 8, the B.C. government released the initial details of investigator Peter German's latest report on money laundering in the province. The report disclosed that B.C. does not have a single federal RCMP officer dedicated to investigating money laundering. As the BC Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU/NUPGE) continues to call for a public inquiry into organized crime, opioids and money laundering in B.C., these revelations reaffirm the need for a well-resourced public inquiry with a broad mandate to uncover the systemic causes of a wide and complex crisis.

Report still leaves unanswered questions

"Dr. German has met his mandate and submitted yet another report that proves a piecemeal approach will never give British Columbians the answers and accountability they need and deserve," says Stephanie Smith, BCGEU President. "In fact, with each new report, what we're really finding out is how much we don't know. A broadly-mandated, well-resourced public inquiry is our only real chance to learn the whole truth about a crisis that has been going on for years, has claimed thousands of lives, has made our province unaffordable for most working people and has earned our country an international reputation as a crime hotspot."

Opioid crisis heavily affects frontline workers

The effects of this multi-layered crisis have reached every corner of the province and have impacted the union's members in a number of ways. BCGEU/NUPGE members from health care, social services, libraries and casinos, transit workers, deputy sheriffs and correctional officers have been thrust into first-responder roles on the frontlines of the opioid crisis.

Public supports inquiry

"I'm grateful for these latest revelations from Dr. German, and I applaud the Attorney General for releasing as much information as he can as quickly as he can," continued Smith. "And, on behalf of BCGEU/NUPGE members and every British Columbian who has been victimized by this crisis, I am calling on the provincial government to do the right thing and call a public inquiry."

In January, the BCGEU/NUPGE launched a campaign to show Premier Horgan that there is wide public support for an inquiry into organized crime, opioids, and money laundering in B.C.. Since then, public polling has repeatedly shown that 3-in-4 British Columbians support a public inquiry into the multi-layered crisis.

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