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OPSEU blitzing Ontario to fight Liberal wage freeze

Dozens of events will be held across the province on Friday (Dec. 3) to fight back against the McGuinty government's plan to scapegoat public sector workers.

Toronto (30 Nov. 2010) - The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) is staging dozens of events across the province this Friday as it escalates its campaign against a two-year wage freeze proposed by the McGuinty government at Queen's Park.

The union is encouraging as many members as possible to turn out for these events and send the government a message that public employees should not be made scapegoats to pay for a deficit they did not create or to finance unnecessary additional tax cuts for already wealthy corporations.

OPSEU members are encouraged to:

  • Check the OPSEU wage calculator to see how much a wage freeze will cost on an individual basis.
  • E-mail MPPs to voice personal opposition to a wage freeze.
  • Click on the map below to locate events they can attend in their local area.
 Join the OPSEU blitz of Ontario on Dec. 3 to oppose the McGuinty wage freeze

"The premier of Ontario is asking one million provincial public workers to accept a two-year wage freeze," the union says. "The wage freeze is not fair."

Check the link below for a detailed explanation of how devastating the freeze will be for public workers and how the corporations will benefit.

The Real Story behind the McGuinty wage freeze


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