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OPSEU Social Justice Fund helps community organizations in El Salvador

El Salvador community organization thanks OPSEU's Social Justice Fund for the purchase of a truck to assist in their community development work.

Toronto (12 March 2009) – When Executive Board Member and Social Justice Fund Chair Sandra Snider and Campaigns Officer Brenda Wall of NUPGE’s Ontario component, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE), went on the Horizons of Friendship tour to El Salvador in February 2008, they were struck by the strength of the people at ACUDESBAL in the region of Bajo Lempa.

ACUDESBAL, is a non-profit association of communities working together for the economic, social and cultural development of Bajo Lempa region in El Salvador. ACUDESBAL provides a structure for the various communities to work together to benefit the population of Bajo Lempa and the country in general.

Snider and Wall came back with a special request to the OPSEU Social Justice Fund to support the purchase of a truck for the many needs identified by ACUDESBAL, which the union’s Executive Board approved.

OPSEU's purchase of the truck has allowed ACUDESBAL to strengthen and facilitate their work as it gives them a quick and effective means of traveling within and beyond the 29 communities within their region. All of their work is aimed at ensuring that the communities and youth have a future in the Lower Lempa and are not obliged to risk their lives traveling north to the United States in their desperate quest for work.

Here is a translation of the letter ACUDESBAL sent to OPSEU:

"Dear Sandra, Brenda and all the compañeros and compañeras from OPSEU:

Please accept our fraternal greetings on behalf of ACUDESBAL. We hope that this card finds you well – in good health and that your prestigious institution is harvesting many successes.

We thank you immensely for the caring gesture you have shown towards our communities in the Lower Lempa. With your support, we now have a vehicle that strengthens our institutional work.

We pray that God will fill you with blessings, illuminate your path and strengthen your spirit of solidarity with our people.

Many thanks to all the sisters and brothers,

El Salvador
Jose Santos Guevara (Mario)
Blanca Irma Ventura
Jose Salvador Gomez

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