OPSEU video takes apart McGuinty wage freeze

The impact on public employees will stretch far beyond the two-year freeze proposed by the province – all for the benefit of already-wealthy corporations.

Toronto (23 Nov. 2010) - The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) has produced a video explaining in detail the devastating impact that a proposed two-year wage freeze would have on the long-term wages of members across the province.

OPSEU Video - Understanding the McGuinty Wage Freeze

The real impact is not confined to the two-year window of the freeze but represents a loss that is never regained from the base salary of workers. Worse, wages not only remain stranded until increases resume but they actually fall backward because of erosion caused by inflation, the union says.

The video also emphasizes that workers are, in effect, being asked – through the freeze – to pay the vast majority of the cost of yet more tax breaks for already-profitable corporations. Corporate tax cuts are going ahead in Ontario despite deficits that the government is using to justify its wage freeze for employees.

To fully understand the wage freeze and what it has to do with the already-massive profits of companies like the Royal Bank, Rogers and Imperial Oil, please click on the image in this report or the link below.


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OPSEU Video - Understanding The McGuinty Wage Freeze

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