Ottawa plans to slash provincial meat inspection

Ottawa is abandoning federal inspection of meat produced for local citizens in BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Ottawa (25 August 2011) - These cuts are all about money. Amounting to almost $80 million the federal government is planning to reduce resources to provincial meat inspections. To save money, the federal government is prepared to entrench a two-tiered meat safety system in which some Canadians enjoy higher standards while others suffer higher risks.

The two meat inspection systems include one for meat plants that are licenced to export meat products and a second system, with lower standards for meats produced for provincial sale. However, all Canadians should have confidence that the meat they buy is inspected to one high standard of food safety, no matter where they live.

Food Safety First is calling on everyone to send Harper a message about keeping our safety standards high and our food inspectors employed in work that saves lives.

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