Public summit Dec. 9 to oppose NB Power sale

NBUPPE says urgent action is needed to stop the controversial deal before it is finalized in March 2010. Updated

Moncton (3 Dec. 2009) - The New Brunswick Federation of Labour (NBFL) is organizing a public summit Dec. 9 in Moncton to mobilize pressure to stop the planned $4.8-billion sale of NB Power to Hydro Quebec.

The deal is scheduled to be finalized by March 2010. Public opinion polls show New Brunswickers are strongly opposed to the sale and that support for the province's Liberal government has plunged since the proposed deal was announced on Nov. 17.

The New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees (NBUPPE/NUPGE) is strongly supporting the summit and is urging its members and the public to participate. Click here or on the link below for an overview of the Summit Agenda.

The purpose of the summit is threefold:

  • To provide analysis on why this sale is a bad idea, from a number of different perspectives.
  • To bring together the many people and organizations opposed to the sale to share strategies and information and to build a bigger and more unified opposition voice.
  • To consider alternatives to selling off the province's major energy resource.

"Time is of the essence here," NBUPPE says. "There is no registration fee for this event. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 9."

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