Ready for Anything: MGEU unveils Paramedic Professionals campaign

Ready for Anything―a new MGEU ad campaign―highlights the skills and the types of urgent care offered by Manitoba's ambulance and community paramedics.

Winnipeg (15 Feb. 2017) — In a medical emergency, skills matter ― and a trained, paramedic professional can make a life-and-death difference. 

New ad campaign highlights the important role of paramedics in health care

That’s the message the Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union (MGEU/NUPGE) ambulance and community paramedics will be sharing with the public in a new advertising campaign hitting Manitoba airwaves and the Internet.

“Our paramedic professionals are a crucial part of our health care system and the demands for the services they provide are only increasing,” Michelle Gawronsky, MGEU President said. “The reality is paramedics can play an even bigger role in delivering health care and we want to share that message with Manitobans.”

Featuring actual paramedics, the radio and online ads are being promoted throughout the province this month help show the breadth of skills required and the wide range of emergencies paramedic professionals are trained to respond to.

Paramedicine growing to help Manitobans every day

For instance, one online ad gives the public a peek into a paramedic's bag, which contains over 200 supplies, instruments, and medications — from a chest decompression kit to a bone gun. And an ambulance contains even more equipment (such as a defibrillator/cardiac monitor, traction splints and IVs) to help paramedics stabilize patients and save lives.

“As a profession, paramedicine has been evolving and growing to meet Manitobans’ health care needs,” Gawronsky said. “Many people may not know this, but we now have community paramedics who are trained to handle habitual 911 callers. They help these vulnerable Manitobans receive the care they need while reducing the need for expensive ambulance transports by as much as 60 per cent.”

Explaining self-regulation part of campaign

Given this, Gawronsky said the ads will also touch on paramedic self-regulation, which the government recently committed to pursuing.

“As highly trained professionals, it only makes sense for them to have their own self-regulating body just like other health professions in Manitoba,” she said.

Self-regulation is based on the idea that members in a certain profession are best able to govern or review their fellow practitioners based on consistent skills and shared experience. Among the many benefits, self-regulation means paramedics will have portability of skills, allowing them to engage in their full scope of practice anywhere in Manitoba (as opposed to having the skills they can perform limited by the region they work in), and it provides greater transparency and accountability for the public when concerns about care may arise. 

To hear the ads, share a campaign image online, or learn more about paramedics and self-regulation, visit

The MGEU/NUPGE represents almost all of the province’s more than 1,000 paramedics across Manitoba. 

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