Saskatchewan labour groups may appeal LRB ruling

Labour Relations Board chair replaced last year by Brad Wall.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad WallRegina (26 Jan. 2009) - The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) and two of its affiliate unions may appeal a court decision upholding the replacement of the chair of the Labour Relations Board (LRB) by the province's pro-business Saskatchewan Party government last March.

Controversy arose after the government fired the board's former chair by order-in-council and installed Regina lawyer Ken Love in his place. Two vice-chairs were also fired. One new one was later hired.

The labour groups contend that the government violated the principles of judicial independence and the purpose of the Trade Union Act. It views comments made at the time by Premier Brad Wall and his labour minister labour as attempts to influence the new board.

The SFL has also launched a court action challenging the Saskatchewan Party government’s essential services law and amendments passed last year to the Trade Union Act.


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