SGEU warns young workers that their rights are at risk

SGEU campaign coordinators will be telling current and future young workers about what is at stake under the provinces proposed changes to labour legislation.

photo of young woman text: your workplace rights are up for grabs, you're not going to take that, are you?Regina (19 Sept. 2012) - The Labour Law Awareness Campaign coordinators, with the Saskatchewan Government and General Employees' Union (SGEU/NUPGE), are making arrangements to speak to youth at various campuses around the province over the upcoming months.

The first event will take place at the University of Saskatchewan on September 26. Other event dates and locations will be posted on the SGEU homepage and SGEU Facebook page.

The coordinators will be telling current and future young workers about what is at stake under the labour law changes being contemplated by the Saskatchewan government.  Participants will discuss how the radical changes could hurt workplace rights - now and in the future.  

In particular they will discuss whether the current or future young workers are:

  • counting on a 40-hour week;
  • expecting to be paid for overtime;
  • thinking that vacation days matter;
  • worried what will happen if they are sick or injured at work; and
  • whether they think workers deserve protection?

SGEU/NUPGE think that those who want to change the rules in favour of employers are having their say.  It is time to hear from everyone else.

The young people who attend will be told that if they do nothing they may find themselves with less time off work, less pay and benefits, and fewer workplace protections than their grandparents had.

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