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Sign up for PEI UPSE's course on mental health and the workplace

Find out more about mental health and healthy coping mechanisms at the PEIUPSE/NUPGE course.

Charlottetown (27 March 2017) — On May 4, the PEI Union of Public Sector Employees (PEI UPSE/NUPGE) is offering a course for its members on Mental Health and the Workplace. The course takes place during Mental Health Week that runs from May 1 until May 7.

If there is enough demand, the course may also be offered on May 4.

PEI UPSE/NUPGE course helps workers understand and cope with mental health issues

The course will emphasize the importance of maintaining good mental health and understanding mental health conditions. The nature of stress, particularly stress in the workplace, and managing stress will be examined.Types of mental illness, stigma, and the factors affecting mental health conditions will also be discussed.

Many employees are required to deal with situations that are potentially dangerous and traumatic. Examples of these types of situations will be reviewed, and there will be discussion about the ways people can help themselves cope with the aftermath in order to minimize the risk of suffering longer-term impacts on their mental health.

Members can register by contacting PEI UPSE at 902-892-5335, toll free 1-800-897-8773, or by email by 4:00 p.m. on April 14, 2017. 


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