Simcoe County District School Board Insurance Trust

Update from OPSEU on long-term plans for disposition of $2.2 million in wind-up funds.

Toronto (7 Oct. 2010) - Last March the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU/NUPGE) received a cheque for $2.2 million in respect of the wind-up of the Simcoe County District School Board Insurance Trust.

This money has been deposited in a trust account overseen by OPSEU.

"In keeping with OPSEU's long standing intention of returning these monies to the members, OPSEU has retained a national benefits consulting firm, Morneau Sobeco Income Trust, and a class-action settlement administrator, NPT RicePoint Class Action Services," the union says in an update posted on its website.

"Morneau Sobeco will obtain member-specific data from Sunlife and will develop an objective methodology to determine eligibility for payment," the union adds.

"NPT Ricepoint is the administrator who will administer a claims process and determine individual entitlements based on claims made and verified by the Sunlife Financial data. OPSEU will be seeking judicial approval of these processes through a court application sometime in the new year."

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