Support staff ready for strike at StFX University | National Union of Public and General Employees

Support staff ready for strike at StFX University

Administrators at nationally-known Nova Scotia university refusing to negotiate fair first contract with employees.

Antigonish, N.S. (18 Nov. 2010) - Administrative, clerical, technical and non-professional library workers at St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) are poised to strike as early as Nov. 19 if necessary in order to reach a fair first contract with the nationally-known institution.

"Last year, a strong majority of those of us who work as support staff at StFX voted to unite our voices on common workplace issues - we joined the 28,000 other workers in Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE)," says an update posted on the NSGEU website.

"For the first time, we enjoy the legal right to bargain collectively for wages, benefits and working conditions," say the workers, who are members of NSGEU Local 88.

"With the support of NSGEU negotiators, we have been trying for months to reach a deal with StFX administrators. But they don’t seem to recognize the importance of coming to an agreement that features terms achieved by other university support workers at such universities as Saint Mary’s and Mount St. Vincent."

Because negotiations are an at impasse the union has taken a strike vote and could legally walk out on Friday.

"We are all hoping this does not happen," the local says. "We love being part of the StFX community, and take tremendous pride in the contributions we make to the experience of students and faculty alike. All we are asking is for the administration to show us the respect and dignity we deserve."

The local has prepared a pamphlet outlining the functions employees perform at the university and key issues they are facing trying to get a first contract. It is available for downloading at the link below.


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