Top tax havens investigator kicks off anti-tax haven campaign

Nearly 25 per cent of all of Canada’s overseas investment dollars end up in tax havens.

Ottawa (01 Nov. 2012) - James Henry, an internationally recognized authority on tax havens helped launch Canadians for Tax Fairness' Tackle Tax Havens campaign at a reception for Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators on Parliament Hill on Monday, October 29.

Canadians for Tax Fairness, a partner of the Global Tax Justice Network, has developed this new informative website which features postcards and other messages to Canadians from a cartoon Tax Dollar trapped in offshore tax havens. Clever and smart, the campaign highlights the gross abuses being made by the wealthy and corporations to hide profit from being taxed.

Nearly 25 per cent of all of Canada’s overseas investment dollars end up in tax havens.

In 2011, more than $130 billion Canadian dollars were diverted to Canada’s top five tax havens which include Barbados and the Cayman Islands – an all-time high.

The issue is set for examination later this year by the House of Commons Finance.

Henry’s latest report, The Price of Offshore Revisited, received global attention for its reporting of an estimated $32 trillion in “missing” private wealth and its analysis of lost tax revenue.

The Tackle Tax Havens campaign complements the ongoing work of the National Union of Public Employees' (NUPGE) All Together Now! campaign which promotes quality public services, public service jobs and tax fairness. The ATN campaign, initiated in 2009, has been building a national dialogue about the need to fix the income inequality crisis in order to ensure we have a country that is fair, responsible, equal and full of opportunity.

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