We are ALL affected: National Day of Action against federal cuts to public services - Sept. 15

Cuts to the federal public service affect us all. Join the opposition to these actions in your community on September 15.

black box with WE ARE ALL AFFECTED. all is in a red boxOttawa (11 Sept. 2012) - Two days before Members of Parliament (MPs) are scheduled to resume work in the House of Commons, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and its supporters will be holding a National Day of Action to highlight the potentially devestating effects of the 2012 Conservative budget.

Immediately after the budget was delivered, announcing the elimination of 19,000 federal public sector jobs, PSAC launched a campaign entitled "We are all affected."  The term affected is what the government uses when it advises workers they may be terminated.

As followers and supporters of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)'s All Together Now! campaign know, public services and public service jobs cannot be eliminated without communities everywhere being "affected."

All Canadians are affected because:

  • we all rely on services like food inspection, Old Age Security, promoting First Nations and Inuit health, environmental protection, preservation of parks and historic sites, search and rescue, assistance to veterans, support for our troops, border security and transportation safety; 
  • public service workers are our families, friends, neighbours, and customers; and 
  • these job cuts are bad for our country and our economy.

This is a chance for all Canadians concerned about what is happening to the fabric of the country's social safety net to speak out and send a message to the government and members of the opposition. Events across the country will vary by community. To find out what is happening in your community, visit the PSAC website for a listing of activities.

More information: 

PSAC campaign website: We are all affected

Find your community action

NUPGE's All Together Now! campaign promoting public services, public service workers and tax fairness


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