What a Scam! NUPGE launches "Scammie Awards" for the sleaziest privatizations

Have your say on what privatization scheme is the worst of 2013. Vote today for your favourite! 

Ottawa (26 Sept. 2014) — For privateers, landing a privatization contract is like winning the lottery, and they'll say or do anything to get a ticket. Sadly, the sleaziest privatization privateers have long been denied the recognition they deserve for their deviousness and dishonesty.

Until now! In the inaugural Privatization Scam of the Year Award, your union wants to recognize the privatization projects in which extra effort was taken in order to take the public to the cleaners.
It’s a sleazy pack of nominees:

  • Ontario’s gas plants
  • Edmonton’s proposed LRT
  • Montreal’s new hospital
  • CFB Goose Bay’s private security force
  • Saskatchewan’s liquor store giveaway

During the International Conference on New Forms of Privatization running from October 28 to 30 in Ottawa, we’ll declare the sleaziest scheme and award it our inaugural "Scammie." 

But we need your help!

Please visit whatascam.ca and cast your ballot for 2013’s Privatization Scam of the Year. 

And please invite your friends, family, and co-workers to cast their ballots, too!

More information: 

What a scam website

What a scam flyer


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