World Blood Donor Day: Help protect Canada’s blood system

“Canada’s blood supply is threatened by pay-for-plasma private clinics. Canadians must not repeat the mistakes of the tainted blood scandal. We must not allow profit to compromise safety. On this World Blood Donor Day, NUPGE is standing with those who continue to call for a ban on paid blood and plasma in Canada.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

Ottawa (14 June 2018) — World Blood Donor Day is a day to celebrate the safety of our Canadian blood supply and to commit to ensuring that people in need, around the world, have access to safe and secure life-saving blood products.

Unfortunately, Canada has opened the to door to private clinics that are paying for plasma, which represent a real threat to our current system. This is why the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is standing with our allies who are raising the alarm and demanding we put an end to paid plasma in Canada.

Momentum to block paid plasma continues

Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and B.C. have now introduced provincial legislation banning the practice of paying donors for their blood and plasma. Federally, Health Canada continues to allow paid plasma clinics, forcing provincial governments to act in defense of our blood supply.

NUPGE applauds the governments of these 4 provinces for taking action to stop paid plasma, but renews its call for a federal ban on paid plasma as the only way to ensure the safety of the highly integrated Canadian blood system.

Canadian Health Coalition campaign

NUPGE has long supported the work of the Canadian Health Coalition and Blood Watch. We recommend that people who are concerned about the proliferation of paid plasma in Canada support the 4 demands of the Canadian Health Coalition calling for

  • Health Canada to revoke the establishment licences granted to for-profit plasma collectors and safeguard our plasma supply.

  • Health Canada to use its statutory duty to regulate payment for plasma as a safety issue, recognizing that remuneration impacts the safety of the resulting plasma products. The decision to allow or disallow compensation clearly falls within Health Canada’s mandate to regulate the safety and quality of plasma products as drugs under the Food and Drugs Act.

  • Health Canada to work with Canadian Blood Services to develop a strategy to increase unpaid plasma clinics in Canada and move toward self-sufficiency in plasma supply.

  • Parliament to pass S-252 (Voluntary Blood Donations Act).

Please donate blood!

Our voluntary blood donation system only works because Canadians continue to donate. Find out more about the campaign and where to donate blood through the Canadian Health Coalition or Canadian Blood Services.

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