The Working Man

Contest entry

There once was a man
Who worked 10 hours a day
He worked at restaurants and hotels
For him - it was the only way

For him he knew nothing
Of vacations or breaks
He worked his neck off
Because he knew the stakes

He had to do this everyday
To make the ends meet
To feed his whole family
And keep them off the streets

Two daughters and a son
His most precious treasures
They needed food, clothes, and shelter
For them he gave up his pleasures

But this man is thankful
Because he is still afloat
He is thankful for unions
Who have helped him cope

The unions that brought him
The higher minimum wage
The unions that helped him
Plan out his retirement stage

The unions who have kept
His jobs secure
Though he faces hardships
He still has his tenure

His health plan is in check
And he has a stable pension
His children will also get
A worthy education

So this man is thankful
Because he still has a choice
His unions have helped him
Protect his rights and his voice

There once was a man
Who worked 10 hours a day
Because the unions made sure
His time was worth the pay

Vicky Xu
Award date
June 2015