Life as Minority Woman

Contest entry

I’m defined by my sex and visible appearance.
Female. Asian.
People, jobs, opportunities won’t see past my skin, interference.

In a world where people see colours like black and white
Preconceived judgements thieve my chances.
With the masses, they oppress, and thus I fight.

I cannot do this alone, and in reality, I don’t.
The union is there for me.

They protect human rights, wages and all.
They know nothing but humans.
My union, your union, they stand tall.

Sometimes society can’t be correct on its own,
Unions are the key to our future.
They’ll protect all that have a heartbeat, a bone.

Does humanity want equality? Fairness?
Our solution is unions.
Thank them, appreciate, spread awareness.

Because of the union I stand here today,
Equal status,
equal pay.

I live my life like every other,
I don’t have the short end of the stick.
I live with the masses, unlike my mother.

The union has given us the just society we live in,
A levelled playing ground.
Because of the union, everyone can win.

A final say, just one more,
The union is society and democracy’s saviour.
For generations to come we’ve left an open door. 

Adele Zhang
Award date
March 2016
NUPGE component