Dreams, Part II

Contest entry


When is Michelle was twenty three, she was picking up the pieces

The life that she lived all of the sudden ceases

... Pray you never feel that pain

Husband walked, left the kids, she’s starting over again


But she gained, a new appreciation

Two years later, gown and cap pediatric graduation

She reset the fragments anew

Her ex called her up, she said (I’m good now, you?)


As a young’in for Michelle, family was first

Now that she has her own, she’s dedicated to hers

And to your kids, she’s more than a nurse

She’s the arm around the shoulder when the therapy hurts


Her daughter’s smiling face, that’s a cue she’s back home

From playing the role of the community backbone

You can see it in her eyes with her daughter clothes shopping

So proud, couple years ago she didn’t have the option


You may not know her personally

But she’s that faceless person you see

Facing lunacy of bureaucrats who often enough

Make a promise like (We’ll never have your hospital touched)


The Michelle’s of the world, the ones who’ve had it so rough

Are the first ones to say that enough is enough

What a shame it would be if some government cuts

Brought her back to where she started, six hundred a month

Mohammad Ali Aumeer
Award date
May 2016