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Why Unions Matter for Protecting Public Services – (a rap)

Why Unions Matter for Protecting Public Services – (a rap)

By Brittany Clark, a permanent resident of British Columbia, Canada


Living in Canada means benefitting daily from public services—

It means turning on the tap and brushing your teeth sans nervousness.

It means sending your kids to school for a good education, and

Knowing you’ll have hard days at work but guaranteed paid vacation.


If you live here you know that your job cannot discriminate

And your union will step up should you fall victim to workplace hate.

Living in Canada means that infrastructure is up to code.

It means you’ll be safe driving on a bridge or walking down the road.


If you’re a woman in Canada, it’s your right to earn equal wages.

Why, you ask? Because this ain’t the dark ages.

Maternity and paternity leave are protected too—

Unions look out for families, as we all should do.


Need an ambulance? Is your apartment on fire?

Are you a senior citizen about to retire?

Have you been out of work and your luck fallen flat?

In Canada, we have a Plan B to help with all that.


What would this country be without public health care?

When you live in Canada, it’s a cross you needn’t bear.

Here, the importance of benefits will not be understated—


A topic on which we get our citizens educated.

Public services require the vigilance of union protection,

But we should all wake up and pay close attention.

Without public services, our communities are open to abuses—

To private schemes, corruption, and tired excuses.


Living in Canada gives us advantages described above.

It means knowing you have security and a community’s love.

It means honoring social safety nets and the unions that give them power.

Knowing your country will keep you safe even in your darkest hour.

Award date: 
April, 2018
Winner name: 
Brittany Clark
Why Unions Matter