first contract

“We joined together in a union to make sure we have the working conditions we need to offer the best possible services, and that’s just what we’ve done,” said Wendy Brown, addictions counselor and Chair of OPSEU Local 454’s Rideauwood bargaining committee

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We applaud government for coming forward with these changes. We believe this is a reasonable approach, one that will help both employers and workers alike." — Susie Proulx-Daigle, NBU President

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"We will continue to push for [domestic violence leave] in negotiations, with the ultimate goal of it becoming part of the labour laws in our province." — Susie Proulx-Daigle, NBU President

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"These are folks who have dedicated their lives to helping those in need find employment and get a fresh start on life. They deserve a hell of a lot better than the way their bosses are treating them." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President

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The newest groups in the New Brunswick Union (NBU) have voted to ratify their first collective agreements.

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"We’ve been waiting for decades for these kinds of basic protections. It’s time to bring our labour laws in line with other Canadian provinces,” says Mike Parker, HSAA President

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“Thanks to the dedication of our bargaining team, we now have a solid first collective agreement that will carry us through into 2017." — Wanda Nancekivell, OPSEU Unit Steward Local 159

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As it stands now, New Brunswick effectively forces new unions to strike when employers are not coming to the table in a meaningful way.

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Workers in the Impark Meter Department will now have access to a grievance procedure, ability to negotiate improvements to wages and benefits, and many other improvements with this first contract. 

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First contract brings many improvements for Impark patrollers.

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Radius wants staff to accept a wage cut of 1.5 per cent, lose their existing pension plan, and swallow hikes in premiums for existing benefits. 

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"Both sides should understand clearly, we are prepared to throw the full resources of OPSEU/NUPGE behind our members if Care Partners forces us to resort to job action. That's not our preferred option but one we're willing to take if this standstill continues much longer." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President.

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"Only 66 per cent of the members voted in favour of this agreement. The employer has been given a clear message that the contract does not fully address all of the workers’ concerns." — Warren (Smokey) Thomas, OPSEU President.

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