2019 Federal Election

Polling shows that climate change was one of the key issues of the campaign.

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"All of us need to continue to work to hold the federal government accountable and to ensure that they work for the good of the many, not for the chosen few.” ― Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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All candidates have made promises to help Canadians have more money and to combat poverty in Canada. The National Union has researched past legislation and voting records to let Canadians decide who will really help them get ahead.

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National Union releases Voters' Guide factsheet on LGBTQI2S rights.

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A fact sheet on the track record and campaign promises of our four main federal parties regarding anti-poverty measures.

Download PDF: PDF icon Public Policy - Anti-poverty Measures - FACT SHEET.pdf

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Most of the political parties have a drastically different approach to post-secondary education. In this election, Canadians will be able to choose which promise is worth supporting for the future of the country.

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National Union releases Voter's Guide factsheet on electoral reform.

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People with disabilities face many barriers in society. What are federal political parties proposing to enhance the full and equal participation of persons with disabilities in our society?

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As NUPGE members who work to provide services for seniors can tell you, funding has not kept pace with need.

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40% of renters in Canada are paying rents that aren’t affordable.

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When the rich and powerful use tax havens to avoid paying their share, the money going into their overseas bank accounts is effectively coming from public services that could be making life easier for people who are struggling.

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National Union releases a Voter's Guide factsheet on pharmacare. With 3 of the 4 national political parties committed to pharmacare, the outcome of this election will be critical to the future of public health care in Canada.

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“If a party isn’t willing to make the tax system fairer by making large corporations and the wealthy pay their share, people are right to ask about whether that party is serious about keeping promises to protect or enhance services.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President.

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National Union releases two Voters' Guide factsheets on Income Inequality and Labour Rights - key issues from our All Together Now campaign.

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National Union releases a Voter's Guide factsheet on Environment and Climate Change. While each of the main political parties has something to say about action on climate change and environmental sustainability, their commitments vary in ambition.

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“Whether it’s income inequality, climate change, labour rights, health care, or housing, what happens in this federal election will have a huge impact on this country and our future.”  — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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Larry Brown urges equal treatment for wildland firefighters regarding the maximum annual pension accrual rate.

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