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Environment/Climate Change

December 7, 2009

Canada wins for an unwillingness to negotiate at negotiations

December 3, 2009

"We're seeing no movement on the part of our politicians and yet pretty well all of the science that's come out since about 2007 has indicated that climate change is moving faster than we thought," said David Schindler, a professor of ecology at the University of Alberta.

December 2, 2009

NBUPPE says urgent action is needed to stop the controversial deal before it is finalized in March 2010. Updated

December 2, 2009

Put global health at the centre of UN climate summit

December 1, 2009

'This country's government is now behaving with all the sophistication of a chimpanzee's tea party.... the astonishing spectacle of a beautiful, cultured nation turning itself into a corrupt petro-state.'

November 25, 2009

On November 10, 2009 the Municipal Council of London Ontario signed an emergency resolution urging the federal government of Canada to take action on climate change. Citizens in municipalities across Canada have been mobilizing for urgent action on the climate change crisis.

November 24, 2009

Members of Parliament vote in favor of more ambitious action at the United Nations Climate Summit

November 19, 2009

'Let's not stand on the sidelines while the few who will benefit greatly from this deal give away our crown jewel.' - Susie Proulx Daigle.

November 6, 2009

Environment Minister Jim Prentice issues the challenge

November 6, 2009

The elements of a strong deal are still on the table. But, Canada must change its tune if a fair, ambitious, and legally binding agreement can be reached at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen in December.