International Solidarity

Global Solidarity
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The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is committed to a global labour movement and to building alliances with social movements and rights defenders in the fight for global justice. We believe we have a responsibility to speak out against injustices, support those who are impacted, and stand in solidarity with struggles for change — not just in Canada, but around the world.

NUPGE has been active in international solidarity efforts such as those with labour activists in Colombia, the Rohingya, the struggle for human rights and democracy in the Philippines, and the Kurdish people’s right to self-determination.

“Your updates and advice are vital to us in the actions we take. We value the work that you do and are grateful to you for taking the time to meet with us and share information.” — Jason MacLean, Secretary-Treasurer

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“During our trip, there was a real sense of hope for the future, all the while acknowledging that many challenges remain lingering from past governments. NUPGE is committed to continuing, and building on, our solidarity with allies in Colombia as they organize for labour rights, human rights, and social justice.” — Jason MacLean, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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“Together with labour and civil society colleagues, NUPGE will be there to call for bold climate action that not just gets us to our climate targets but addresses inequities and upholds human rights." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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“Climate change is the crisis of our time. We need to continue to build the awareness and sense of urgency in order to force our governments to seriously act.” — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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Poverty and inequality are “the result of deliberate decisions or inaction that disempower the poorest and marginalized in our societies and violate their fundamental rights.”

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Health workers from across the country urge the Prime Minister to implement a comprehensive regularization plan for all undocumented people without exception and permanent residence for all migrants, including those in low-wage jobs.

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Around the world, the choice workers face is fighting for wage justice or risking sliding into poverty.

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"I echo the demands of local and international activists for an end to human rights violations in Iran, including the repression of women’s rights.” — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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“I have been shocked by the sheer scale of the devastation in Pakistan as a result of the historic flooding. And we fear that, with the climate crisis, tragedies like this one will become far more common.” — Jason MacLean, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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"Migrant and undocumented people deserve the same rights, employment standards, and access to services as Canadians. A broad and inclusive regularization program, along with addressing the systemic issues in Canada’s immigration and refugee system, will be crucial." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE President

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“In the midst of a climate emergency, we must move beyond awareness-raising to action.” — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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The pandemic has placed a global focus on health care and how we are all connected. World Health Day 2022 focuses attention on urgent actions to keep humans and the planet healthy.

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"Messages of solidarity are heart-warming, but what Ukranians need right now is on-the-ground support. We are pleased to be able to make this donation on behalf of our 400,000 members across Canada." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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The strength of the Rohingya, particularly the women and girls subjected to gender-based violence, to trafficking and child marriages, and to being used as weapons of war continues to be an inspiration to us all. It is vital that the international community recognize and take action to support the Rohingya in their battle against genocide. —  Larry Brown, President of NUPGE

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Negotiations are the only way forward to bring lasting security, democracy, respect for human and trade union rights, peace and prosperity for the people in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. We are sure that bombs, bullets and boots do not. 

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To show solidarity, join the call to demand that Fresenius immediately and unconditionally denounces these and any other threats against its workers and negotiates in good faith with union representatives.

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The members of the National Union are deeply concerned about the situation in the central Philippines following Typhoon Rai. There is a critical need for support for those directly impacted by this disaster." — Bert Blundon, NUPGE Secretary-Treasurer

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"While this report looks back, we are focused on the future. There will be challenges ahead but we'll face them. As we recover from the last 2 years, we remain hopeful. It's time to reimagine our world. And we will do that—together." — Larry Brown, NUPGE President

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Blundon and Coccola shared their experience at COP26 and their analysis of key issues and outcomes. This led to discussion about the implications for Canada and how we can advance climate action.

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As the first cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19 are reported in Canada, it is incredibly frustrating to realize that without tax dodging by large corporations and the wealthy, the money would have been there to vaccinate everyone in the world, and we’d be a lot closer to bring the pandemic under control.

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