Labour Rights

Unions Matter examines the critical role that unions and strong labour rights play in reducing income inequality and promoting the social well-being of all citizens.

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"Unions give us more. Something less tangible but more enduring. They give us an idea: the idea that our lives matter." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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"Thank you for using your voice to protect and advance the rights of patients in our health care system." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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Solidarity message sent to Nova Scotia nurses and health professionals from Ottawa.

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“If the nurses of NSGEU/NUPGE are legislated back to work, it will be the third piece of anti-worker legislation from this government since they took office in October." — Rick Clarke, NSFL President.

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"Mexican President Peña Nieto is well aware of what happened here, despite the denials of his bureaucrats and consular officials. The time for pretending is over. Now it is time to respect the laws of Canada." — Paul Meinema, National President, UFCW Canada

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Latest Why Unions Matter contest winner's entry is short, sweet, smart, and fun.

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"The evidence to attack the public sector workers exists only in the minds of Conservatives. Workers aren't the enemy as the Conservatives would like Canadians to believe, " said James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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New ad highlights the role of union members in building stronger, fairer communities.

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“This legislation is a serious affront to workers' rights,” says NSGEU President Joan Jessome.

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“We welcome the prospect of good jobs being maintained at the plant, which has served as the keystone of Leamington’s economy for generations,” says Robert Crawford, President of UFCW Canada Local 459.

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"Our members appreciated the solidarity, not only of the brewery movement but from people across sectors. The donations, words of encouragement and campaigning for a fair deal helped the strikers keep going until the end." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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The impending passage of Bill C-525 will be a victory for neither Canadians nor democracy. The only people celebrating will be those few at the top who will gain even more profit and control over our politics, economies and lives.

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"I conclude on a balance of probabilities that the applicants have established that the membership of AUPE, specifically in the Crown bargaining unit, will experience irreparable harm if the proposed injunction is not granted." — Justice Denny Thomas.

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“Alberta will now lead the way in Canada as being the worst offender for violating international labour standards that it has committed to uphold and promote.” 

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NUPGE alleges that the two pieces of legislation violate the basic principle of freedom of association as set out in the constitution of the ILO and the ILO Convention No. 87 – Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize (1948).

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Saskatchewan government's divisive approach does nothing to resolve problems and comes at the expense of people's basic rights.

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The Charter's right to freedom of association “was not intended to protect against association with others that is a necessary and inevitable part of membership in modern democratic community.”

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“This is an incredible story that a small group of 45 workers in St. John’s would receive such international attention and solidarity from workers as far away as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, the United States, and across Canada. We are very grateful for the support that helped our workers through this difficult time." — Carol Furlong, NAPE President.

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