Labour Rights

Bill C-525 sets the bar so high for employees to choose to belong to a union that if the same rules applied to federal elections, the House of Commons would sit empty.

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You can make a difference in this struggle for fair treatment in the workplace, and especially as FloraHolland reorganizes its business, by sending an email to FloraHolland Directors.

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"As a labour movement, we will always appreciate the sacrifices he made to make the world a more just place. Now, it is up to us to carry on his message." — James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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“As soon as they think no one is watching, this federal government is going to back away from any measures that might protect Canadians and foreign workers from abuses of the TFWP.” - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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If there’s ever been a time for us to speak up loudly about why unions matter — and to actively support politicians who do the same — it is now. If we don’t, we will doom our children, grandchildren and perhaps even our great grandchildren to more poverty, discrimination, and authoritarianism.

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Third winner chosen in Why Unions Matter contest. Send your entry to

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"For our organizations, a negotiated settlement is better than a forced agreement" said La Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec union leaders.

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Dock workers held rallies at ports in Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Canada to support locked out IKEA workers. 

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Hudak told Global TV’s Alan Carter, “Listen, I enjoy debate, I enjoy the fight. I really had no talent in life except running my mouth – that’s why I got in politics.”

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Unfortunately, despite Canada's close connection to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration has been constantly undermined here in Canada because of the ongoing attack on labour rights.

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Sydney (09 Dec. 2013) – Cape Breton Regional Police Officers (CBRPS), members of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU/NUPGE) are looking for the same treatment and consideration as their colleagues in other police forces who work in Nova Scotia and other jurisdictions across the country.

Police officers in Cape Breton want equal treatment as those working across the province

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“These proposed laws are a blatant violation of Canadians' fundamental rights to freedom of association and expression as contained in Canada's Charter.  Equally offensive is the undemocratic way the Redford government introduced the legislation and the dictatorial process by which it intends to pass the two anti-union laws.”

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"Without a coherent modern industrial strategy, it is easy for employers and governments to offer low wage, precarious jobs," says James Clancy, NUPGE National President. "And without a strong labour movement looking out for this economic inequality, and fighting against it, the bosses get away with it."

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"Frank's message is one we can all hear more often," said Clancy. "We want to congratulate Frank for sharing his struggle with all of us, for standing strong and for showing us exactly why unions matter.' - James Clancy, NUPGE National President.

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Come out today in Calgary or Edmonton to voice your concern over Alberta govenrment's new anti-public service legislation. If you can't make it, let your MLA know how you feel.

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This will cost the Conservatives seats in the next election.

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Redford should address real issues in the province like fixing the broken tax system and corporate giveaways instead of targeting hardworking public service workers.

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“The lack of such legislation has prolonged strikes and caused undue hardship for the working people of this province, including the workers who are currently on strike at Labatt in St. John’s,” said NAPE President Carol Furlong.

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Supreme Court of Canada finds Alberta's privacy law in violation of section 2(b) – the right to freedom association – of the Charter, insofar as it restricts a union’s ability to collect, use or disclose personal information during the course of a lawful strike.

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Trade union member Oscar López Triviño, who worked for Nestlé, was killed on 9 November in Bugalagrande, south-western Colombia. One day earlier, paramilitaries sent a death threat to members of the union to which he belongs.  Other members of the union are still at risk.

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